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Unable to remember and find all the major Candlestick patterns at one place, Always have a fear of missing out, mostly entering into Trade without confirmation?

Are you also facing the same problems, what if I tell you, that you can counter these problems, yes you heard it right we have got a perfect solution for you. Our Candlestick Charts patterns will solve all these problems.

Our Candlestick patterns poster will help you to find a bullseye opportunity in trading, We have designed these Candlestick Patterns posters in such a manner that you can keep them along while trading or just stick them onto your wall.

What you will get when you order:

  •  2 posters of Bullish candlestick patterns (total 12 patterns), 
  •  2 posters of Bearish candlestick patterns  (total 12 patterns),
  •  1 poster of moods of the candle (total 8 patterns).

Product specification:

  • Laser Printed for a clear and sharp view
  • Covers all the major patterns
  • Paper: 350 gsm Glossy paper
  • Set of 5 Posters ( 2 Bullish + 2 Bearish + 1 Moods of the candle)
  • Thin double tape on the backside of the poster.
  • Proudly designed and made in INDIA.

Specially designed for those who dreamed about becoming a successful Trader.

So scroll up and get your one today!

Candlestick Patterns Posters - Set of 5

$100.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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