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Earnings Call Trade Review:- Nvidia 27/05/21


Nvidia 150% Trade Return on Friday expiry

If You check out the Chart of Nvidia is Corrected by 17% From High $650 made on 15 April 2021 to lows $537 on 13 May 2021 there Nvidia have Trendline Support it took small Support around $540's area and Bounced from there to highs $573 then again come back down towards $540 -$542 zone if you are a Technical Trader you can clearly spot It formed Double Bottom pattern "W" also Quarterly Earnings is ahead on 27 May 2021 From $540's It Started going up in just One Week It moved more than its correction covered his price reached towards his previous highs $650

Now it closes with good volume and above $650 next target of nvidia, we can see upside in this stocks towards $700- $900 zone in coming months.

My Trade Alert On Nvidia Earnings Trade

If you Check out the Screenshot from my Telegram Group Before Market Open I mentioned Nvidia on 24 May 2021 It will go to $650 on result Day but it didn't go to highs but on Friday it crosses the $650 mark with good heavy candle and volume Hence It gave me good opportunity to make handsome returns on the earnings call. If you want to be part of my community then you can join by clicking on this link

How to Make Money on Earnings Calls of Large-Cap Stocks

1.) Criteria to Select Stocks:-

Find Out the Top large Cap Stocks like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, etc

Make a list of 20 -30 Top Large Cap Companies That are Market Leaders from the last 10 to 15 years.

2.) Analyze Previous Earnings Results:-

You Don't Need to Be fundamental analysts to analyze the Earnings Results of any company we are technical trader we just need to see only one or two factors that Company Result is good or bad you can search this on google or you can check out on Tradingview (CHECKOUT EARNINGS) If Earnings are good then add to your list for focus on coming quarter results if previous earnings are bad does not meet analysts expectation or from previous numbers are low then avoid that stock for present results this what you have to do every quarter on every stock which you have selected from step 1 criteria.

3.) Last Step How to Trade Every Stocks Or Initiate Position:-

  1. First, you have to See its Previous High on a daily time.

  2. At least We need a 10% Correction from the last highs. if stocks are not corrected then avoid go for the next stock.

  3. once corrected from high you need to look for a support zone and pattern to buy from there also you need to see when is earning call.

  4. once mark all these checkpoints you are ready to go with buying stock or stock options you need technical knowledge to open position for beginners I suggest you take positions by buying stocks not options directly if don't have knowledge if you want to learn options free click here

that's all you need to do trade stocks always manage your risk you will get 2-5 stocks every quarter which you have to take positions once this all criteria meets you are good to go.

Disclaimer: - I am not a financial advisor nor do I recommend my strategy to follow blindly, you should follow tips or clues in paper trading before trading on real funds. I am not responsible for any kind of loss. You are only responsible for your positions.

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