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How to bulk add companies to trading view watchlist

How to bulk add or build watchlist in 2 min on tradingview

Lots of Traders Searching for a quick hack or guide to add this tradingview problem of building a watchlist quickly. But there is not a single blog available for trading view watchlist to build quick

but don’t worry I have a Proper guide & steps to build a quick watchlist on Tradingview or add bulk stock to tradingview.

You can build a watchlist on tradingview for any assets like cryptocurrency, stocks & indexes, etc.

Steps To builds watchlist

I am taking the example of building a watchlist for S&P500 Companies

Step -1 Download all Symbol names to Excel Sheet.

Download the Excel file of Symbol name S&P500 Companies.

Download XLSX • 35KB

Step - 2 Open The Excel file delete all other Columns except Ticker Column

Step - 3 Use this formula


Step - 4 Drag down for all stocks

Step - 5 Copy all the names

Step - 6 Now Go to Create a new Watchlist and click on the right upper corner you will see + button click on it and paste It tadaaa its done

by following these steps you can build a quick watchlist on tradingview

If you still have any questions regarding watchlist building on tv comment below or mail me at

Adding Video Presentation How to do the above process For your Convenience.


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