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  • What is it about your trading strategy that makes it the best for me to learn?
    There's lots of different markets and strategies out there. We are the only ones that won't act like there's only one way to trade, and that's "our way." There's no "magic strategy" in trading. Our goal is to teach you everything we know step-by-step and through this process you'll learn what works best for you. Now, the best part for me is that technical trading is universal. And it works in all market environments. We don't care what these stocks do or why. We just trade opportunities (long and short) without bias everyday.
  • Do you have to attend each session live or are there recordings?
    I Take 2 live Classes per week You can attend Live as well as Recordings are available you can access anytime.
  • What currency I have to pay for Course ?
    Great Question Course is available in USD only is accepted but you can make payment from your local Currencies.
  • I am not located in the USA, is this a problem for me? How can I link my bank account to the software."
    Good Question. You don't have to be a US resident to trade the US Markets with me everyday. I have students and traders all over the world. There's several specialized brokers where you can easily join when you are ready to trade live. For more details about this we'll email you our Top Trading Tools eBook which our specific broker/software recommendations where you can trade freely with Me. So, don't worry about that for now. First, focus on learning the strategies within My Course and becoming successful
  • I'm from India. Do you think I can use this program?
    Yes You can even I am Indian I trade from India. I have Indian market students What they do is learn from professionals that trade the US markets and then also apply that to Indian markets. The strategies learned in this program and universal to any market, we just obviously prefer the US Market for it's opportunities. But you can also trade your local market as well.
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